Deep Tissue Massage in Dubai

deep tissue massage in dubai

Deep Tissue Massage in Jumeirah

Deep tissue massage involves manipulation of the deep layers of tissue in the body, including the fascia and other supportive tissue that make up the muscles and joints. Compared to other popular massage techniques — including Swedish massage or acupressure, which tend to be lighter in pressure and can involve moving the body into certain positions — deep tissue massage is usually slower and firmer.

A person receiving a deep tissue massage usually lays on the stomach or back in one position, while deep pressure is applied to targeted areas of the body by a trained massage therapist. The massage is beneficial mostly because it helps stimulate blood flow and relieve muscle tension, while at the same time lowering psychological stress and releasing “happy hormones” like serotonin and oxytocin.

There are many benefits of Deep Tissue Massage , The Elite Touch Massage center in Dubai - Jumeirah and Spa provides Treats Chronic Back Pain , Helps Lower High Blood Pressure, Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Muscle Tension, Breaks Up Scar Tissue, Improves Athletic Recovery and Performance, Can Help with Labor Pain and Delivery,and Reduces Arthritis Symptoms.


  1. The best massage treatment I have experienced. they are very talented, much more than just a great massage. I definitely recommend to visit the spa for your comfort massage.

    1. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Elite Touch Spa, I can’t rate the massage highly enough. They are professional, competent and caring.

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