Luxury Spa in Dubai - Jumeirah

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Luxury Spa in Jumeirah

Looking to treat that special someone in your life (and yourself at the same time)? From opulent marble luxury to a scenic escape right here in the city, we’ve found the most relaxing massage treatments at some of the best spas in Dubai: Elite Touch spa, Take a deep breath and come visit Our Elite Touch spa at Dubai- jumairah.

We Have a wonderful Range of Massage Treatments available all using a natural organic blend of oils The other key is presenting professional and real massage services by using of highly trained and experienced Thai, Indian, Chinese, Philippine, Moroccan, therapists as well as at your Place. Our Spa features male and female areas, Jacuzzi, as well as sauna and steam rooms, with access available to our guests, private members and to our local residents . Our outdoor pool offers stunning panoramic views of the city of Dubai complete with a fitness center offering personal training using Life Fitness.