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Chinese Massage Service in Dubai

Chinese massage in dubai

Chinese Massage in Jumeirah

Our Spa in Jumeirah Elite Touch offer massage therapy based on traditional Chinese medical science. we have 10 years of experience in China. we provide deep-tissue Chinese massage and high-density cupping therapy. Through massage therapy I alleviate muscle fatigue, work stress, neck and/or back and/or waist muscle pain, contusions, sprains, headaches, twists, unusual extensions, numbness in your extremities, general injuries or just the common cold. Additionally, my approach is significantly effective on car accident injuries and old un-healed pain

The benefits of massage therapy are that you will be more relaxed in your everyday life and activities. The tendon connections from your muscles to your bones will be stronger and can withstand more tension.


  1. The best massage treatment I have experienced. they are very talented, much more than just a great massage. I definitely recommend to visit the spa for your comfort massage.

    1. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Elite Touch Spa, I can’t rate the massage highly enough. They are professional, competent and caring.

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